Ediths path

Eat  bladderwrack - can you do that? Do you want to know why the bladderwrack is the lifeguard of the Baltic Sea and what you can do to make the sea feel better? Help to remove filamentous algae from the stones. Then the bladderwrack can attach more easily and grow large. Use the brush hidden in the trees…


Here you can also find lots of exciting history about Edith who was a homeless girl in Stockholm in the 19th century and who had to move here to Gålö. Read her letter and you will find out more. The letter is in Edith's letter-coffin, look at the map where it is buried. Write your letter to the children of the future and put in the coffin, you are now part of Gålö's history and future. Also pass Ljunglöfs cottage, you have to look for the house ruin. Set yourself in his living room and think about how it was to be a snuff manufacturer.


Educational material for schools

Skärgårdsstiftelsen wants children and young people to be able to discover, experience and take part of the unique archipelago and understand that it is something that belongs to everyone and that we all must care about.