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Where can I see prices for cabins/camping pitches?

Under Book/See price -> Accommodation

You see prices and availability only when you have chosen the date of your stay.

How much does cancellation protection cost?

The prices of the cancellation protections are based on the booking category. Therefore, the prices are not included under the booking conditions.

The prices can be found under Book/See price --> Accommodation

When you have selected the date and unit, the prices for Bas, Standard and Premium are visible in the booking tab.

When do you pay for your booking?

If you book closer than 40 days before your arrival, the entire payment takes place immediately.

If you book further in advance, you can choose to pay the full amount immediately or pay 20% of the cost immediately and the remaining 40 days before arrival.

When do you pay if you book by phone or email?

If you book by phone or email, an administrative fee will be charged.

If you book closer than 10 days before arrival, payment must be made immediately on the same day.

If you book further in advance, the first installment of 20% must be paid within 10 days. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before arrival. If the arrival date is within 40 days, the entire amount must be paid within 10 days.

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