In Gålö's lovely nature reserve, you have the opportunity to fill your days with fantastic nature experiences no matter what season you come from.


Proximity to Stockholm and the wonderful archipelago


We have a rich wildlife, both "bird, fish - and in the middle".


Get a map of Gålö at the reception and be sure to ask about the staff's favorite places! We are happy to show where you can fish, where you best see elk and deer, which mushrooms and berries you can find, and which hiking trails can suit your needs.


Don't forget to look up too! Then you can see our proud sea eagles sail past with watchful eyes.


Just next to the facility we also have fantastic Educational Site The Archipelago with Edith's path for big and small. Here you get knowledge of the archipelago's nature and wildlife. You can examine, look, search, and also learn about how it was to live as a child in the past at Gålö through Edith's story.

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