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Campingcottage 4 - beds

Most suitable for families with1-3 children or 1-4 adults, backpackers,groups.

The cottages are in a row in a wooded hill but it is not far to all amenities.

These cottages still look much like they did from the beginning when the area was built and many book them for nostalgic reasons.

They are especially popular with those who were on Gålö as a child and now they are adults with their own children or for those who want to take a break from everyday life.

The bedroom with bunk bed is quite large so that the children can have their own creep.

Here you still get water in a crane on the outside as it used to be and suits you who do not want to cook so much food, but rather spend time on experiences and activities.

Here we have not connected WIFI so that you and your family / travel company can socializewithout being disturbed.

Size: 23 kvm

Bedrooms: 1

Beds: 4


Cabin 6-15

Tv: Tv / dvd

Shower/toilet: No

Kitchen: Kitchnette

Patio: Garden furniture

Wifi: No

Pets allowed: Yes

Shower and toilet are in the service house some distance away.

Cost for shower will be added


Floorplan and beds
As it used to be "back in the days". This is a typical type of cottage that many Swedes are used to from their childhood and is vary much back to the basic type of holiday home

A cozy cabin with an more simple and clean interior. A main room with a dining table, two single beds and a kitchenette- One bedroom with a bunkbed-especially popukar among children. Shoer/wc in the facility blocks a short walk away.


The kitchenette is fully equipped with fridge  with a freezing compartment, stove no oven, coffee maker, crockery, glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils, frying pan, pots, dish towel, detergent, dish rack and dish brush. In the cabin there are also cleaning equipment, fire detectors, duvets and pillows. Bathroom with shower and toilet. Television with DVD player. Channels available are Svt1, Svt2, Tv4, Tv6, Svt24, the Children's Channel and the Knowledge Channel.

Free and located outside the cabin.

The cabins are isolated and have radiators.

Comfortable wooden patios with table and chairs. Here you are welcome to the summer breakfast or the evening barbecue with the animals of the forest as a company. Often the curious deer pass by on their way to bait.

In the cabin you will find all the cleaning materials you need for easy cleaning on departure. Soup with shovel, vacuum cleaner, floor mop, dust cleaner, detergent, sanitary cleaner and window sill. If you want a little extra comfortable you can book for cleaning. You can do that until the night before the day of departure. All you have to do is wash and throw your garbage.


Sheets and towels. Breakfast packages.Grill packaga with kettle barbeque, characoal, liquid smoke and matches.Final cleaning.

Movies are available to borrow at the reception.

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