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Mobile Home

Most suitable for the family with 1-3 children, 1-4 adults who know each other

These cabins are  located in a tglade, about 5 minutes walk from the main area and the playground and are brightly decorated with a modern kitchenette.

The cabins have a family room with kitchenette, dining area and sofa in one, which is popular with families and travel companies, who want to socialize a lot and have a lot to talk about.

The cabins have a sheltered balcony and it is not uncommon that You can see deer, squirrels and forest birds just outside.

In the fall, you have the blueberry rice a few steps from the door.

Here can hear a lotof laughs and there is no WIFI that takes away attention.

Size: 29 kvm

Bedrooms: 2

Beds: 4


Cabin 33-39

Tv: Tv / dvd

Bathroom: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Patio: Garden furniture


Pets allowed: Yes


Floor plan

In the cottage there is a living room with kitchen, dining area and sofa group in one. Two bedrooms, bathroom with shower and separate toilet.


The cottage has two bedrooms with four beds. One room with double queen size, one bedroom with two single beds. Bed lamps and shelves or bedside tables where you can charge your mobile or tablet. Duvet and pillow are available.


Bring or rent from us

Sheets and towels.



The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator with small freezer, hob, microwave, coffee maker, crockery, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils, frying pan, pots, kitchen towel, detergent, dish rack and dish brush. The cottage also has cleaning equipment, smoke alarms, blankets and pillows. Bathroom with shower and a smaller room with toilet. TV with DVD player. Channels that are available are Svt1, Svt2, Tv4, Svt24, Barnkanalen and Kunskapskanalen.



Free of charge and located outside the cottage.


The cottages are insulated and have elements.



Comfortable terrace with table and chairs. Here you sit comfortably for the summer breakfast or evening barbecue. Here you live near the forest where the children can run and play freely! Barbecue is available for rent via the reception, rent a barbecue package and we drive out barbecue, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches and barbecue brush to the cottage. You have it throughout your stay and we will pick it up when you check out.


The cottage has all the cleaning materials you need to be able to easily clean when leaving. Garbage with shovel, vacuum cleaner, mop, dusters, detergent, sanitary cleaner and window cleaner. If you want it a little extra comfortable, you can book for cleaning. You can do this until the evening before the day of departure. All you have to do then is wash the dishes and throw away your rubbish.

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